Links To Other Pictures of the Bridge and Dames Point Related Sites

The Official Webpage of HNTB, the firm that designed the bridge, has a great aerial photo of the bridge that looks south across Quarantine Island towards the Regency area. The page also has some stats about the Dames Point. For some reason, civil engineers call it the Dame Point Bridge. This site will also link you to info about some of the firms other projects, including Boston's Charles River Bridge, another really cool cable-stayed design with some superlatives of its own.

The City of Jacksonville's webpage has a aerial photo of the bridge taken from above Quarantine Island looking north. A perfect complement to the shot listed above.

A personal webpage that has incredible picture of the bridge at night during an electrical storm.

Dames Point History Profiles the 19th century lightship that aided navigation on the Saint John's at Dames Point. A segment of the outstanding Florida Lighthouse Page.

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