Dog House Construction

Gallery of Dog Houses

I am very happy to present this collection of pictures and descriptions of dog houses built by readers all over the world. In this section you will see how different people approached the project, incorporating their own innovations and creativity. Click on the small image to see larger pictures and read about the various houses in the builder's own words. Please note that many of the builders have provided their e-mail addresses, so you may contact them directly if you have questions regarding their designs.

I welcome and encourage you to be a part of this webpage. I'm saving a spot here for pics of your amazing dog house! Are you building or have you already built a dog house that you would like to share with the rest of the world's dog house builders?

If you would like to have your dog house featured on this page, please write me for details.

I will publish at least two photographs of your dog house. I can publish additional pictures if they show the construction process or some unique feature. A description of the house, it's general location, breed of your dog, materials you used, etc. are items that will be helpful to other builders.

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